Strategic, analytical and technology based solutions to help you strategize your practice.

We understand the value of health care and the tough routine of physicians, so instead of simply offering an RCM we focus on adding value to your Practice and help you enhance your business model.

  • Credentialing

  • Clinical Analytics

  • Eligibility Verification

  • Revenue Analytics

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Value Creation

  • Document Management

  • Patient Engagement

Our technology driven analysis allows you the insight to give more attention and better focus to your patient's needs.

Appointment Analysis

Appointment analysis helps you understand your medical practice in terms of business. Understanding the number of appointments, you have every day, every week, or in each quarter through graphical illustrations that are made through an automated system, which helping you understand your current standing on appointments.

Schedule Analysis

Schedule analytics help you organize and stay up to date with your daily tasks and activities. An intelligent system calculates and analyzes the most effective way for you to optimize your business objectives, simultaneously improving your day to day back office tasks.

Trend Analysis for Charges vs Collections

Understanding the revenue cycle of your practice is imperative in making smart business decisions that help you project better outcomes. Precision Hub's highly advanced technological analytics empower you to clearly understand the charges vs collections made by your clinic and leverage your practice.

  • Precision Billing

    Precision Hub's Smart workflows let you automate several tasks such as a streamlined billing process, improving your FTPR and bringing substantial reductions in your error rate. Hence reducing the turnaround time for the collection of money faster through advanced strategic planning.

  • Patient Engagement Services

    At Precision Hub, we ensure your resources are directed to give most effective results, such as efficient front desk management, layered appointment scheduling and much more.
    Our front office services also include high-tech analytics and reporting systems that help you make informative decisions in your day-to-day activities.

  • Following through state of the art user-friendly analytics managing your practice as a business is now smoother than ever. Precision Hub keeps you at the top by reducing your expenses and partnering up with you to achieve mutual goals.

  • Profitability through Smart Spending

    By outsourcing you back end processes, you save up on unaccounted expenses such as paid leaves, desk space, and the hassle of managing an additional resource. Instead, you get an entire business that is solely dedicated at growing your clinic with you.

  • Business Intelligence

    Precision Hub provides all you need to set up your clinic and hit the ground running. Helping, you control more of your financial revenues and analyzing past experiences by analyzing quantitative data from your monthly financials.

A Website For Your Practice

Arturo Digital is our partner in technology fronts, by creating state of the art applications and user-friendly websites that ensure the profitability and boost of your practice, through digital existence.

Bookkeeping & Taxation - Monily

Practitioners have extremely busy schedules, our financial advices for taxation and the management of our books are handled by Monily, a state of the art Bookkeeping and taxation virtual firm that does it all.

Finance and Accounting

Our finance experts help streamline financial operations by assigning a dedicated workforce qualified to handling all manners of financial operations, such as statement preparation and daily bookkeeping.

Consulting - Nurses and Staff

ERP consultants are experts at finding the right people for the right job. They understand the importance that nurses and other clinical staff have and hence empower us to facilitate you in all aspects.


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