Precision Hub - Front Office Services

By outsourcing your front office management to Precision Hub, you get the flawless administration of all frontline activities of your medical practice, such as managing appointments, payment processing and general data management. With our state of the art tools and technology driven solutions, you get better visibility and accurate tabulations of all critical business features.

With dedicated teams handling all your patient information, you get significant improvement in your revenue stream. Your business runs more profitably and allow you to take time away from managing your business and use it to enjoy your personal and family life.

Our Value Added Edge

Our analytical approach helps in getting to the core of your revenue management cycle as we dig in deeper to the services you provide and find the factors that help you improve your efficiency. With extensive experience within the healthcare realm, we are able to analyze, project and deliver reimbursements corresponding with the ever-changing market trends to help you make the right financial decisions for your business.

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Precision Hub -Features

Patient Phone Calls Management and Complaint Handling

All inbound calls are taken by professional account managers, scheduling and responding to queries as well as effective management of patients appointment roster.

Account Management

Updating all information of patients and reducing a paper trail, rather creating easily accessible digital documentation that is regularly maintained and updated.

Managing Insurance Eligibility and Payments

The team assigned to your practice verifies insurance policies, smooths the process, and ensures minimum insurance denials. Every payment is also systematically recorded and updated using a well-defined process, helping improve your revenue collection.

Monthly Reports on Practice and Quality Control

Monthly reports help you gain greater control over the overall progress of your medical practice. By graphically representing appointments that have been handled with in the month, calls that have been received. Quality control audits and reviews all calls made to the front desk managed by the team, updating you with problems that are faced and possible solutions to overcome them.

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